Revise my final research paper

Revise my final research paper

My topic is “aging population in China”. The student should read widely and in depth on a topic. The paper is to analyze or evaluate a problem, issue, or question, set it into a context of existing literature on the subject, and provide evidence to support the points made. (It is not to be a descriptive summary of a subject or a book, a book review or critique, or a translation without analysis.) It may be based either on primary or secondary sources. Quotations, evidence, and other people’s ideas are to be acknowledged in footnotes or endnotes. Excessive reliance on encyclopedias, popular accounts, textbooks or web sites—except for specific purposes approved by the instructor supervising the paper—should be avoided.

I already wrote about 10-11 pages, please add it to minimum 15 pages. (double-spaced, 12 pt. type, margins no greater than 1″), using citations and submitted with a bibliography (which does not count toward the 15-page total). This paper should be professional.

Please use most recent sources, China already ended one-child policy in 2015.

I already marked which part should be revised and what content should be added in the word document.

Please also create a statistic table in the paper. Be careful with the grammar and words using.