Revising 5 pages essay with two articles

Revising 5 pages essay with two articles

HI, I already have a rough draft, but its just like a outline and not structured. I need you to help me to revise it. If you need, you can write a totally new one, this one really sucks.

Here is the link for the article

one is On P440 “wisdom”, another one is on P486″An Army of One : Me”

First, please read the information in the picture carefully

DO NOT spend the whole essay summarizing Thurman and Twenge

Second, in order to avoid you do not know what is acadamic writing, here is a example structure for you. And I’ll give you another essay that I wrote before to help you understanding the structure that I need.

On intro, you need a opening for you topic(main ideas), and summary two author’s main ideas of their articles and make connections. and then show your thesis, which is you main ideas to answer the question of the essay.

in the Body paragraph , you need at least 3 body. And each one has a topic sentence(main idea), and two quotes from each author’s article, and after each quote, you need make analyzes to support you main idea(need original language), and then make connections with two authors. And every paragraph needs a little connection with each other, they can not be very independent but at the same time, they can not have smiliar ideas.

For ending, you need to summary you whole ideas and make a expectation for the future.