social issue essay rough draft

3 pgs. minimum (this is a minimum: it is always best to get as much material out onto the page/screen as possible in the beginning stages of drafting);

MLA citing (please, please work closely with an MLA guide: this is the ONLY way for you to learn citing. Citation programs get it wrong & you do not learn anything.)

you will have composed 3+ pages for your social issue essay  [for what it is worth, the previous sentence is, in fact, a run-on sentence. for what it is worth…]

choose a social issue examples: unequal wages for male vs. female in America;  the extinction of some species as it affects or may affect the entire food chain, thereby affecting all of us;  negative effects of social media on youth in America;  negative effects of American media, specifically on female esteem;  the lack in voter turnout & corruption in American government;  the list goes on…