Sociological thinking to make connections between different concepts, assignment help (1000 words)

The purpose of this assignment is to practice your sociological thinking by making connections between concepts covered in the textbook, readings, and lectures, and current events. Please note this assignment is not an essay in the conventional sense (i.e. introduction with thesis statement, body, conclusion). Think about it as a reflection paper where you share with the TAs your efforts to think sociologically with reference to the content of a news article/clip.

Submission guidelines

  • 1000 words

  • Paper should be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font, and double-spaced.

  • At the end of the paper, you should include a reference page that lists the sources you used (including the textbook) in an appropriate citation style. See details below.

  • Your task:

  1. Find a news video clip or article that covers a current event and speaks to one or two specific concepts covered in any of the following:

    1. ‘The Promise’ from C. Wright Mills’ The Sociological Imagination

    2. Any of the primary texts by Durkheim, Martineau, Gilman, Du Bois

    3. Social change: Traditional, modern and postmodern society (textbook) 
  2.  In 1000 words discuss the connection between the concept(s) and the current event presented in the news article or clip. Your discussion should be structured as follows:
  • In your first paragraph, briefly summarize the article/clip (i.e. what is the article/clip about?)

  • In the second paragraph, you should clearly identify and define the concept(s) you are connecting to the news story.

  • You should then discuss in detail over the next few paragraphs, how the concept(s) helps to either: analyze, challenge, or elaborate (or, some other form of application) what is being discussed in the news article/clip. Your discussion should provide specific examples from the article and, when necessary, reiterate what the concept(s) mean(s).

  • Finally, you should provide a brief concluding paragraph that summarizes what you have discussed and offers the reader some questions or ideas for further reflection.

    A few important guidelines:

  • There are many ways that the news article/clip is connected to a sociological concept. The article might offer an example of the concept. Or, the concept might help you think about the event being reported in a different way. You might also find other ways to make the connection. Apply and stretch your sociological skills.

  • When selecting an article and relevant specific concepts, consider the following as a guide: This article reminds me of …. because… ; Reading/watching this article/clip made me think of… because…

  • The article you select must be current – written/filmed between January and March 2016. In other words, it must be something happening while class is in session.

  • If you choose a video clip, it should be no more than 3 minutes in length. (News articles are already quite short.)

  • You cannot use an article/clip discussed in class. No magazine articles (they are too long), personal blogs, government websites, facebook, etc.

  • The article/clip must be from a Canadian major newspaper (online or print) or a major Canadian television network (online or print). For example:

    o CBC, CTV, Global, etc.o Any local or national Canadian newspaper.

    Your paper will be evaluated primarily on:

  • Demonstrated effort to practice sociological thinking

  • Quality of sociological insights (original, creative, strong understanding of what

    sociological thinking entails)

  • Appropriateness of concepts used (i.e. does it make sense to use this concept with

    reference to this particular article, are you using the concept correctly, is it clearly

    In addition, your paper will be evaluated on:

  • Correct completion of assignment (e.g. current news article, appropriate source, not too long or short, etc.)

  • Overall quality of writing (e.g. readability, grammar, spelling)