Make a Map of Your School Day

The assessment for this lesson is a portfolio item. When you are finished, please submit your answers to your teacher using the Drop Box below.

What are all the classes you take and activities you do in a school day? During which class period do you take each class or do each activity? Make a list of 10 classes or activities and put them in the order you do them.

Next, take a big sheet of paper or piece of cardboard. You may need to take several sheets of paper together.

Now draw a map of your day, using arrows to point from one activity to the next. Put a circle on the map for each activity, and inside each circle include the following in Spanish:

  • a drawing or photo of the class or activity
  • a label that includes the name of the class or activity
  • another label that says whether the class or activity is first period, second period, third period, etc.
  • two sentences describing what you do during that class or activity or how you feel about it. Use the vocabulary you’ve learned in this lesson and as many – ar verbs as possible.