Suicide and Depression in Older Adults Discussion

n this discussion topic, you will write a reflection using the I-Chart on the research topic that you’ve chosen. This discussion topic is designed to help you continue to develop material for the Personal Research Narrative.

1. Look over the notes that you have taken on your research topic.

2. Using the I-Chart, reflect on the topic that you have chosen to research.

3. Fill out the I-Chart.

4. Please write a paragraph that reflects on the topic that you’ve chosen. Post your paragraph and your I-Chart in the the discussion. Please provide feedback to your peers.

1. Choose a source on your topic and create an annotation for the source. Here are some things to consider as you develop your annotation:

  • The purpose of the work
  • A summary of its content
  • For what type of audience the work is written
  • Its relevance to the topic
  • Any special or unique features about the material
  • The strengths, weaknesses or biases in the material

2. Keep notes on the topic for the Personal Research Narrative.

3. Please post your annotation in the discussion forum.