Summarizing Assignment and Tentative Outline, writing homework help


1) Summarizing 

This week you will be summarizing one of the peer-reviewed journal articles you have chosen as a source for Paper #1. Write an informative summary of the article, in two pages or less. Be sure to review the feedback posted this week for last week’s reading, “Should we live together?” 

Use the standard 12-point Times New Roman font and MLA format. Attach a copy of the article as well as your summary. NOTE: For this assignment, don’t shy away from articles that are longer and/or more challenging. Work to push yourself to develop more critical reading and summarizing skills.

2)Tentative Outline

Your first draft of Paper #1 is not due for another week or so, but by now you should have some ideas for the content and organization of your paper. In this assignment, you are going to plan out the scope and direction of your paper’s content and present it in the form of a one-page outline. Because you may not have read all your sources yet, this outline will be a tentative one. You are free to change it as you learn more and your understanding deepens. This assignment is simply an opportunity for me to offer you some feedback along the way.

An example outline appears below.