The Glass Factory” by Vanni Thach Assignment

The Glass Factory” by Vanni Thach Assignment

support one of the five following theses about the short story “The Glass Factory” by Vanni Thach.

You should cite specifics to support your argument. Your essay will need clear organization (with transitions) and support for the thesis. This support will come from the text, and you will need to explain how the examples from the text support the thesis.

Make sure that you are prioritizing analysis over summary. Beware of over-quoting and/or not integrating or discussing included quotations. Cite all quotations and paraphrases in MLA format. Include a works cited entry at the end of your essay.

At the conclusion of the exam, turn in your index card, the short story, scrap paper, this prompt, if you printed it out, and your bluebook essay.

Choose one of the theses bolded below and write an essay that supports the thesis with strong, specific support from the text.

Throughout “The Glass Factory,” the narrator’s smiles are a cover for her confusion, uncertainty, or concern; however, her final smile is born of knowledge and ultimately functions to protect her mother.

The clear plastic bag in “The Glass Factory” symbolizes the truths that the narrator comes to understand about her parents.

The question of identity is at the heart of “The Glass Factory,” as the narrator creates a false identity to survive at the factory despite her confusion upon realizing that the person she’s known only as mother also created a separate identity, “Kim.”

“The Glass Factory” demonstrates how the struggle immigrants face for self-preservation and self-respect brings them together as they attempt to survive in a foreign land without legal protection.

Many of the characters must choose either self-respect or self preservation as they attempt to to survive in a foreign land without legal protection.

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