The Soloist Author biom, thesis and intro statement DUE SUNDAY

HI I need Part 1 and 2 done for my course project on the book “The Soloist” Due Sunday DEC 3 by 5 pm eastern /standard time.

PART 1. of my course project on the book The Soloist is introduction and thesis statement

PART 2. is Author Bio,

Below I listed instruction for each module along with Rubric

Course Project Part 1.

Continue reading from your selected novel and decide on the topic and thesis you are most interested in. Write a rough introduction paragraph for your paper’s topic and include a strong thesis statement as the last sentence. Once complete, please post this to the Discussion Forum for peer review.

Remember that you can open with an attention-getting statement, statistic, quote, or example, but your thesis statement should appear as the last sentence of this paragraph. For your thesis statement, be sure to bring focus to your topic by narrowing your paper to one or two issues or key characters.

Rubric for Introduction and Thesis Week Two MUST BE IN APA FORMAT with in text citation

Created a strong thesis that makes clear what you will be focusing on in your paper. It is the last sentence of your opening paragraph. (25pts)

Included title of book, author’s name in introduction. (20 pts) Started the introduction with a startling statistic, attention-getting statement, quote or example.(25 pts)

N/A -(this is excluded from this assignment) Responded to at least one other student’s post (20 pts)

Wrote clearly with correct grammar and punctuation (10 pts)


Part 2

Create a short bio, a page to a page and a half, on the author of your course project. What are the main themes in their work?
Include APA formatting on quotes (2 minimum), and include a photo of your author or a link to a website you enjoyed.

Rubric for Author Bio, Authors Name is : Steven Lopez

Posted a page or a page and a half bio on your author – 2 pts.

N/A -(this is excluded from this assignment) Responded to at least two other students using the sandwich method – 2 pts.

Incorporated at least two quotes from your author – 1 pt.

Total: 5 pts. possible