Thesis Paragraph (Opinion Statement)

Thesis Paragraph (Opinion Statement)

Thesis Paragraph (Opinion Statement)

Your opinion statement a single, strongly worded statement of opinion, about the essay’s entire topic, posed in such a way that argues the thing you hope to convince your audience of by the end of the essay.

Thesis Paragraph (Background Sentences)

2-3 sentences of foundational background related to your topic, in order to assist your audience in their baseline understanding of the issue.

Thesis Paragraph (Reasons=Buzzwords)

2-4 sentences that use specific buzzwords, that will serve as identified concept words throughout your essay, upon which you’ll base your “reasons” for your stated opinion. Buzzwords in your essay are colored or highlighted.

Major Transition Sentences (In and Out)

You employ major transition sentences throughout your essay, wherein you utilize one buzzword per section of your essay, in the same order as was seen in your thesis paragraph, with one buzzword in the first sentence of the section, and two buzzwords in the last sentence of the section. There are no changes in the buzzwords throughout the entire essay.

Minor Transitions

When employing multiple paragraphs in a section, paragraphs must be connected by a minor transition word or phrase, which provides rhythm and cadence between paragraphs.

Paragraphs (3 Parts)

Paragraphs throughout the whole have three identified parts: (1) a mini thesis which depicts what you hope to convey (convince) during that single paragraph; (2) your evidence (properly cited when necessary); and (3) your explanation of how the evidence you’ve used actually proves what you say it does.

Conclusion (3 Parts)

Conclusion should conform to 3 part structure as follows: (1) first section ties opinion sentence to conclusion, and reiterates concept(s) conveyed in that sentence; (2) demonstrates what the relationship is between the buzzwords (this is different than simply repeating the buzzwords); and (3) discusses the relevance of this essay’s topic to the public at large.