Two-Page Paper


Write a two-page paper explaining the circumstances how and why you are enrolled in a study skills course (why your GPA has lowered). The only way to go forward is to acknowledge the past, recognize the problem and then correct the problem. (I will tell you my reasons when we chat)

In your paper, please add how and what you are going to do differently this semester and for the remaining semesters of your matriculation at your school. Tell me what services you will be utilizing in the Student Success Center and on your campus for your success.

-Writing standards must be APA format.

-Your paper must include the following:

1. Cover Page

2. 12-point font

3. Double Spaced

4. Use 1/2 inch margins; top, bottom, left, and right on all pages.

5. (2 pages) minimum

NOTE: If you do not follow the guidelines above, you will not receive credit. For example, if you paper is 14-point font or if your margins are 1 inch, you will receive 0%.