UC Irvine Eviction Poverty and Homelessness in America Presentation

UC Irvine Eviction Poverty and Homelessness in America Presentation

During Week 8, you will record and post an oral & visual presentation video. You will have up to 7 minutes of total time. Your presentation is your opportunity to convince your peers of the legitimacy of your positions, the credibility of your research, and the importance of your AP topic and the questions you are asking.

The oral and visual elements should work together, but not such that the visual elements simply restate what you are delivering orally. You can deliver much more information with a couple good visuals than you can possibly talk about in 10 minutes. So you should make good use of your visual presentation; select important pieces of information and data and create visuals that argue for you without you having to describe all of the details they make visible.

Your presentation should (1) be well paced (stay within the time limit!) and succinctly delivered. It should (2) clearly present your thesis/problem statement as it stands on the day you give your presentation, which includes giving to your audience the questions you are trying to answer; (3) describe and summarize the most significant aspects of the political/social/cultural problem you’re addressing; (4) frame this problem with current examples or incidents that show your audience that the problem you’re addressing is alive and relevant right now; and (5) give your audience a sense for the deep foundation of research on which your positions stand.

After you’ve completed your presentation, please upload a copy of your visual presentation here (a PowerPoint or a link).

I think you could do a powerpoint and add comment as presentation speech so that I can read.