Update Final Draft of Assignment with comments listed

Teacher and student comments

*Update Final Draft of Assignment 2 (Human Resource Discourse Genre Analysis) with comments listed below.

I really enjoyed the introduction in which you defined what human resources is and how it plays a vital role in the business world. One thing that you could fix in your introduction is when you state the piece you are writing about and say they assess the use of AHP, try to define and elaborate on what AHP so readers like myself can understand its role within human resources. Besides that, the introduction is great! Next in your identification section, you identify all the basic similarities between the two papers such as whether they are MLA or APA and whether they have an introduction or abstract, but I feel like you could expand and identify even more similarities and differences such as word count, number of sections, etc. Also in your last section of the identification portion, I feel like you go more into analysis rather than identifying. To fix this, you can take the ideas from that last paragraph of the identification section and work it into one of the paragraphs of the analysis section. Finally, I believe your reflection you brought up new ideas that could’ve been added to the analysis section. A reflection should merely just restate your main points from both the identification and analysis sections rather than bringing up new points. Overall, your paper could use some work with grammar but the structure and ideas are great! Good job.