Using the RISE Model for Meaningful Feedback

 I want you to see the Yeh_Nicholas_DMP3 and make the response on it by using the reflection, inquire, suggest and elevate. For Yeh_Nicholas_DMP3 see attchment.

For example:

Reflect: I liked how you showed images that you were in an acual movie or scene from something you created for a project. thats a great start to showcase your skills and to share with people how well of a film maker you can be. i also liked how each person you incorporated in your video contributed to playing a role inn the project when you got the chance to direct each scene.

Inquire:  I wanted to know are you taking film directing classes to boost your career as a film maker or is this just an interest/hobby you had in mind? I also wanted to know the conflict or controversy each character played in the scene of the shoot out? What was the actual problem of this clip?

Suggest: I would suggest you to explain the message you are trying to portray to your audience or some more information on what happened in each scene of the clips. It looks like it was different pictures you posted of your work which is also amazing just to have more information about whats happening in each page

Elevate: Overall this was a great way to share some of the abilities you have with your classmates. I would have also enjoyed if you had a small video of narration you created about a scene or particular event that you directed. You can put it in the video but i still enjoyed the work you did provide to share with fellow classmates.