Vocabulary Learning Strategies

Vocabulary Learning Strategies

APA format please follow the attached rubric

Teacher candidates will use the readings and material included in the course to locate and match a learning strategy with a chosen content area reading for each mini-lesson. Candidates will determine and identify the strategy and provide an explanation for its potential use in the classroom. Candidates should provide a research-based and substantiated explanation for the appropriate application of the topic.

Strategy Topic 1 – Vocabulary Comprehension Strategies

Throughout the term you will develop a notebook of disciplinary-literacy strategies that I hope you will find useful as you enter the field. This notebook will consist of reading and writing strategies we read about and discuss in class. The purpose of this assignment is for students to demonstrate what they have learned about how to select appropriate texts for their classrooms as well as how to select, develop, and implement appropriate instructional strategies for content area classrooms. For this assignment, students will develop six “mini lesson” strategy activities using the provided template.

Each submission will include:

  • An introductory overview of the content and relevance including the name of the strategy, a citation for both the strategy and the pertinent text selection, content area and standards that are addressed, and the age/grade level targeted:
  • A research-based explanation of the strategy, including its purpose, how the teacher would prepare the strategy, steps for teaching the strategy, and at least three ways to help extend this strategy to different learners if it were necessary;
  • a visual (if applicable) or an example, including any necessary rubrics or answers keys that might be necessary for grading purposes;
  • a copy of the reading or sample of the reading for which the strategy would be used.
  • Vocabulary strategies – DUE: Week 3