WebQuest: Hunt for Pancho Villa

Hunt for Pancho Villa
A Treasure Hunt on Pancho Villa


Use the Internet to research the famous Mexican, Pancho Villa.  Below are resources to help you but feel free to use any resource you can find.


  • Where in Mexico was Pancho Villa born?
  • Where did Villa operate?
  • How many times was Villa supposedly married?
  • What was Pancho Villa’s birth name?
  • On what terms did Villa retire?
  • Why would Pancho Villa be described as Robin Hood?
  • What allies did Villa make?
  • What types of movies were made about Pancho Villa?
  • Looking at ‘Starring Pancho Villa as Himself’ and what you read, does this movie fairly represent Pancho Villa?
  • Why would it be said that ‘Pancho Villa is nowhere and everywhere’?

he Big Question

Compare Pancho Villa to someone of your own culture.  Be sure to mention at least 3 supporting details in your comparison.