Write a cover letter, homework help help

This cover should talk about my English 105 class it’s to my professor to show him what I have learned and how this class has helped me as a writer and student. Ill provide examples and you can make it into a three page essay. 

This letter is to my professor for him to see about how I liked this class , what we did and how I feel as a writer after taking this class. 

-The multiple revision helped me look over and over at my work each time thinking deeper of my own writing how it could be better. 

-I learned how to actually edit a paper before it was just marking now I know what to look for topic + Comment , am I getting the correct points out.

-This class help me stay organized

– I look forward coming to this class because we were always engaging with each other the way, sitting in a circle with the desk helped me really understand other and where they are in their writing.

-My favorite assignment was the album review this one helped me see how others felt about an album while I also added my comments within the publishers.

-The book I say they say helped me use transition words which made me a much better writer than I was at first.

-In this class I feel like I have an A/B why I feel this way is because I really pushed myself in this class I did what was expected and always came back with better revisions. I know that I will be successful in my next English class because this class has more than prepared me for it. 

-It is a bittersweet moment for me to leave this class because we have been together for two semesters and I really got to build relationships with my classmate, they were always very positive with what they had to say about my writing but also giving good feedback. 

– The english response were the ones that made me a bit lazy at first because I had so much in my mind by Friday that at times I forgot to send the response but I always managed to. At the end of this class I’m taken for reading those articles now I have more knowledge of them and can share with other article I have read. 

-This class was fun in discussion because we talked about every topic we were assigned to for example we talked about what exactly was happening at San Francisco State with teacher strike as well as student hunger strike these two were great for me because I stayed in touch with what was happening in my surroundings. 

these are the stuff u can put and expand on them…. 3 pages