Write a paper

Do these things:

1. Define leadership. Do library and/or internet research and consider what you have learned in this class. Then come up with your definition.

2. Tell what leadership characteristics AND style you want to possess

             (Styles: Authoritarian, Participative, or Delegative)

3.Tell your leadership goals at TROY and in the future.

4. Identify a contemporary leader (they must be living) that you feel exemplifies your definition of leadership. This person should not be a family member, friend of the family, or anyone with a personal connection to you.

          Tell me what makes them a great leader

           What 1 piece of advice, something you’ve learned form class, would you give to your leader if given the chance?

Follow these Guidelines:

1.All papers will be turned in as a hard copy.

2. Consider the sample paper found in your book. Use it for your paper development.

3. Use first person; this is about you.

4.Length will be approximately 500 words; This should equal roughly 2 pages.

5. Use 12-point Times New Roman Type,double-spaced.

6. Include a clear topic sentence for each paragraph.

7.Use the spell-check and grammar-check features on your word processing software to eliminate needless errors.

I have attached two files, please must read.