Writing in other words

Writing in other words

I have this answer of the question. I need this answer in other word.

What is the difference between norm referenced and criterion referenced interpretations? Give a specific example of how you might explain an assessment that you have given in both a norm referenced and criterion referenced interpretation to the parent of a student in your classroom?

Norm-referenced assessment is comparing student’s performance result or group’s results to another student’s performance or other group’s results. They are usually used to rank each student regarding the achievement of others in different areas of knowledge and to distinguish between the high and low achievers.

Criterion-referenced assessment on another hand, is comparing student’s performance to a pre-defined set of criteria or a standard. The purpose of this kind of assessment is to determine whether or not the student has demonstrated mastery of a certain skill or a particular knowledge. This kind of assessment is usually represented by percentage and the result usually is pass or fail. Also, this kind of assessment measures specific skills, which make up a designated curriculum.

As a teacher, I would interpret a student’s performance to the parent based on what their child achieved on the test. For example, if their child got 90 points on a math test out of 100 points, I would give him/her a “A-“ “according to my rubric”, which is their child has exceeded the performance of 90% of pervious student’s test as a norm-referenced assessment. According to the pervious example, 90%, which the child has gained, this represents that the child has mastered certain skills or knowledge in the math content “curricular aim”.